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Fetch Video and the team behind it welcome you. Please, take a moment to familiarize yourself with the features our app provides, not every online video downloader will offer to search Youtube videos for you, well, - we do. Just type some keywords like artist name or song title, and we will look up most popular songs in your area and offer you a comprehensive list to choose from. We will even help you with search suggestions by looking up most popular tags in your local language, as well as provide you with the top 20-30 most popular videos that your countrymen are enjoying, just switch the interface to your langage and request the top 20 videos chart.

We offer a ton of conversion formats, there are no download limits, this web-app is https secure and guaranteed to work on any platform, including your smartphones, tablets and any other mobile and desktop/laptop devices. No special software is needed to run this app, but you can also install it to your Windows or Android device, just watch out for your browser's suggestion to do so. We are happy to have you here, enjoy this web-app and your visit to Fetch Video.

Download videos from Youtube in 3 easy steps:

Fetch videos with webapp

Add to Home Screen

This Youtube downloader has its own little app. It's just this very website wrapped into your favorite browser shell, making it look like a native app for Android or Windows based devices. On iPhone or other Apple products, only Safari browser supports this feature, to install a web-app you need to tap Share then find Add to Home Screen option. Try it out, it only takes a couple of clicks to install it, as many to remove in case you don't like it. This app never requires updates and it's genuinely free, as free as this website it. Have fun. This app doesn't use any space in your storage, neither does other resources, it is very cool.

Fetch with bookmarklet

Download Mp4

Since our web-app is not really easy to install on Apple devices, we've come up with a shortcut that Apple users and owners should be familiar with. It also works on any other devices, but is most suited for use on laptops or desktops, since it is essentially a bookmark. It just has this nice little feature: if you use this bookmark and press it while watching some video in your browser, the code attached to this bookmark will send you straight to Fetch.Video with the actual video link you were watching coming along with you. So it basically cuts out the step where you need to Copy-Paste the video link into our downloader.

Download Youtube videos in Mp4 & Mp3 format

Mp4, Mp3 and an extensive array of other popular video and audio formats are ready for your disposal at your command. We offer a list of video and audio formats that will fit your needs. Mp4, Flv, Mkv, Webm, 3gp and other formats will cover any wildest need for your video file download. Same goes for audio, because we support Mp3, M4a, Webm-audio, Aac, Opus and several other formats, even video-less Mp4 container if you so desire.


If you have a question...

Do you have any limits for daily max downloads?

No, there are no limits, no restrictions, as long as you download 1 video at a time.

Does this work with sites other than Youtube?

Yes, this app works with several hundred websites, such as social networks like Reddit, Facebook, Twitter, Odnoklassniki, video websites like Vimeo, Dailymotion, Aparat, Fc2, audio websites like Soundcloud, Bandcamp, etc. Too many to recount. If you can copy URL and bring it here - we will tell you for sure.

Does this work on smartphones like Android or iPhone?

Yes, this app can and will work anywhere there is Internet access, so Android and iPhone are included. Handheld mobile devices can even suggest to install this website as a native app, add it to your homescree, etc. Mobile browsers like web-apps, that's a known fact.

What are the downloader formats we can use?

We support an extensive list of audio and video formats to save your downloaded file. Check out above there's a whole section about usable media formats.

What is the fastest way to download Youtube video?

  1. Copy video URL to Fetch Video (use Share to Copy Link, then paste link into our purple input box).
  2. When ready, hit Download button. We will scan the page to see what video and audio streams are available for download.
  3. Finally a drop-down menu will show, select your desired download options and save the converted file..

Where do I find downloaded files on my device?

The easiest method will be to open your favorite browser on the device, then hit three-dot menu and select Downloads option, which will open the list of files you've downloaded recently using this browser.