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Fetch audio, extract from Youtube video and save to Mp3, M4a and other accepted audio formats, no software required.

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Youtube video to Mp3 converter

Hello and welcome to Fetch.Video. Here we help those in need of online video to Mp3 converter and audio extractor in general. Fetch audio track, convert it to Mp3 or any other supported audio format. We only support 2hrs max long audio, because Mp3 conversion is a very heavy process and if we start converting longer videos it will overload and shut down our system. You can always extract longer audio in M4a or Webm format, in some cases it will even be a better sounding result, as M4a has bigger spectrum, contains richer higer and lower frequencies where Mp3 cuts then off. Try our web-app with video search or use the bookmark to cut out the middle-man step of video URL copy and paste. This app works with Youtube video playlists as well.

How to convert music from Youtube to Mp3?

Yt to Mp3 converter webapp

Add to Home Screen

This Youtube downloader has its own little app. It's just this very website wrapped into your favorite browser shell, making it look like a native app for Android or Windows based devices. On iPhone or other Apple products, only Safari browser supports this feature, to install a web-app you need to tap Share then find Add to Home Screen option. Try it out, it only takes a couple of clicks to install it, as many to remove in case you don't like it. This app never requires updates and it's genuinely free, as free as this website it. Have fun. This app doesn't use any space in your storage, neither does other resources, it is very cool.

Try bookmarklet/shortcut

Convert to mp3

Since our web-app is not really easy to install on Apple devices, we've come up with a shortcut that Apple users and owners should be familiar with. It also works on any other devices, but is most suited for use on laptops or desktops, since it is essentially a bookmark. It just has this nice little feature: if you use this bookmark and press it while watching some video in your browser, the code attached to this bookmark will send you straight to Fetch.Video with the actual video link you were watching coming along with you. So it basically cuts out the step where you need to Copy-Paste the video link into our downloader.

Convert Youtube into MP3, M4A, WEBM, etc file

Download Youtube audio and save to your laptop or smartphone in Mp3, Webm, M4a and several other audio formats, such as Opus or Aac, even video-less Mp4 with just audio is supported, in case you need it. Just watch our for selected format in the drop-down options download menu, and you will save your favorite talk-shows or commentary videos as just audio to listen during trip to work or any other place where Internet is not readily available.


If you have a question...

How to convert Youtube to mp3 the easy way?

Use this website or app, and it becomes very easy to convert Youtube videos to mp3. Here are the 3 steps to take for the easiest and most efficient converter use algorithm:
  1. Copy video URL here or use search to locate video on Youtube and click thumbnail
  2. Wait until we scan the page and offer you several audio extraction strategies, pick the one you like
  3. Now press Get Download Links and next either use Save As right-click technique, or press the big button to start converting, if context menu doesn't show up

Do you cap the number of mp3s converted per day?

No, there are no limits. Use this app and convert 1 mp3 at a time for unlimited no questions asked operations.

What are the compatible devices for this app to work?

It will work on any device and any appliance that has Internet browser and allows you to go online, just visit this converter page and we will help. iPhone and other Apply produce users may need to jail-break their device to be able to save any audio files that don't come thru the iTunes, like in this situation.

Where are all the downloaded audios on my phone?

To make it easy to find your Mp3 downloads made in this current browser, - click on the browser's menu icon, then select Download option from that menu when it opens.